• m-BCA

    It’s like having private ATM on your mobile phone

Get to Know the Service

Life is easier when you can go cashless and conduct transaction everywhere with every ATM function in your hand. With easy, practical, safe, and user-friendly m-BCA services, you can do all this and more.


Enjoy the convenience and comfort of conducting transactions anytime and anywhere you need it.

  • m-BCA is easy to use: simply follow the menu displayed on your phone without the need for special knowledge of skills
  • Practical use that allows your to conduct transactions anytime, anywhere
  • m-BCA is protected with a maximum security system to help you conduct transaction with peace. In addition to you own PIN and mobile number as identification, every transaction is encrypted for extra guaranteed safety.
  • Enjoy transactions with user-friendly interface. Simply choose from transaction list in the m-BCA menu—no need to remember transaction codes.
  • Convenience is key. With m-BCA, all ATM functions lie in your hands.

The following are transactions available on m-BCA:






  • Balance inquiry
  • Account mutation
  • Rates info
  • Savings/Deposito Rp/Deposito foreign currency interest info
  • Bank code info (for inter-bank transfers)
  • Company code info (for m-Payment and m-Commerce)
  • Deposito account info
  • NAB and Reksadana balance info
  • Credit Card BCA balance and transaction history info
  • RDN (balance inquiry and account mutation) info



  • Transfer to BCA account
  • Transfer to other bank account



Payment for various credit card, PLN, PAM, mobile phone, telephone, insurance, education, and other bills



Mobile top up, PLN Prepaid, and other purchases (Blitz Card and Garuda Ticket)



Activation, PIN change, others (registration and delete Credit Card BCA transaction history)

What You Need to Know




Paspor Blue

Paspor Gold / Tapres

Paspor Platinum

BCA Dollar


BCA-to-BCA transfer

25 Million

50 Million

100 Million

~ 25 Million


Inter-bank transfer

10 million

15 million

25 million




7 million

10 million

10 million

~10 million

- Transfer limit is combined with transfer limit at ATM BCA

- Updated in 1 February 2016

Mobile top up purchase limit

Maximum Rp 2.500.000 per day. This is a combined limit with other e-channels, including ATM BCA, KlikBCA, SMS BCA, SMS top up, and BCA by Phone*.

*Eff. Date 11 Des 2017


Payment limit

Determined by bill amount.


No. Description XL Indosat Ooredoo Telkomsel
Prepaid Postpaid Kartu Halo simPATI As
1. Non Financial Transaction 650 600 500 850 1010 960
2. Financial Transaction 1300 1200 1000 1450 1670 1620


Non-financial transaction

  • m-Info (Balance inquiry, account mutation, rates info)
  • m-Admin (activation, PIN change, etc.)

Financial transaction

  • m-Transfer (BCA-to-BCA or other bank transfer)
  • m-Commerce (mobile top up)
  • m-Payment (credit card, mobile phone, Telkom, insurance, education, etc.)

Note: To transfer to a foreign currency account, user must select transfer destination (as prompted by displayed menu).


The fees listed are not debited from user account, but from user mobile phone credit or charged to monthly phone bill.

Proof of transaction

Customers will receive proof of transaction with every transaction in the following manner:

Transaction type

Transaction proof

Financial (eg. transfer, payment, commerce)

SMS displayed on screen and saved in phone inbox


  • For balance inquiry, account mutation, rates info, savings/deposito rp/deposito foreign currency interest info, pin change, activation, etc.
  • For bank code info (for inter-bank transfers), company code info (for m-payment and m-commerce), etc.
  • SMS only displayed on screen
  • Information immediately saved to phone inbox

Important note:

  • Make sure you are aware of each button function by referring to you mobile phone manual
  • Before conducting transactions through your phone, please make sure your phone inbox is not full
  • PIN used to access m-BCA for the first time is the same PIN determined during registration at ATM BCA. If you register for m-BCA at a BCA branch, your m-BCA PIN with the same as your ATM BCA PIN.
  • M-BCA services will immediately block you after 3 recurring wrongful PIN entry
  • Do not share your m-BCA PIN with others
  • Do not keep your m-BCA PIN in your phone, or other media that risks confidentiality breach
  • If you have more than one account linked to the ATM BCA Card used for m-BCA, all accounts will be automatically linked to m-BCA. At the start of every transaction, you will be asked to choose which account to use.
  • One ATM BCA Card may be linked to ten mobile phone number from the same or different operators
  • m-Info and m-Admin may be activated by phone, while m-Transfer, m-Commerce, and m-Payment must be activated by visiting the nearest BCA branch. Customer will be asked to activate FIN by filling in application form accurately and completely to be handed to CSO BCA. Please make sure the mobile number written in the form is yours.
  • For financial transactions (Transfer/ Payment/ Commerce), enter the transfer/payment/commerce amount and account/customer ID, credit card/phone/mobile phone numbers without space or other punctuations (period, comma, or others).
  • You will receive a confirmation message for every financial transaction that contains transaction details. Please ensure the accuracy of transaction details before proceeding with the transaction.
  • When performing transactions using m-BCA, please wait momentarily for a return response regarding the transaction. If you do not receive a response, please check if transaction instruction was processed by checking your balance or account mutation.
  • You will receive a transaction message, indicating success or failure of transaction. For successful transactions, the message will be automatically stored in your phone inbox (provided phone inbox is not full).
  • Immediately inform BCA is your SIM Card is missing/stolen/or has been transferred to someone else

m-BCA services will be temporarily unavailable BCA system or GSM operator encounters a network problem.

Get the Service

m-BCA is available for customers with:

  • Paspor BCA Card with subscription to a GSM (XL, Indosat, Telkomsel) provider
  • SIM Card m-BCA Ready.
Simple process
  • Phone activation:

    XL (Xplor/bebas) users may find the menu on Life In Hand (LIH)/Layanan Data/XL Life. INDOSAT (Matrix/mentari/IM3) users may access menu Satelindo@ccess or M3 Access. TELKOMSEL (kartoHALO/simPATI) users may find the feature in T-Sel Menu.


    • Select “m-BCA” menu on your phone and press OK/YES
    • Select “m-Admin” and press OK/YES
    • Select “Aktivasi” and press OK/YES
    • The statement “I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of m-BCA and confirm this phone number as my ID” will appear. Press OK/YES to proceed.
    • Enter ATM BCA Card number used to register for m-BCA and press OK/YES
    • Enter m-BCA PIN and press OK/YES

    A message will be displayed on your phone momentarily: “Welcome to m-BCA Service”.

    This activation allows you to conduct m-Info and m-Admin transactions.

  • FIN activation at BCA branch:

    To activate m-Transfer, m-Payment, and m-Commerce facilities, customers are asked to visit the nearest BCA branch to activate FIN and provide:

    • ATM/Tapres/BCA Dollar Card linked to m-BCA facilities
    • Proof of identity (KTP/SIM)
    • Paspor BCA/BCA Dollar Card linked to m-BCA facilities
    • Registration to m-BCA for non-financial activities by phone
    • Customers may begin transferring funds on the same day as FIN activation.

To get SIM Card m-BCA

XL customers

  • Get your SIM Card m-BCA XL at XL Center.

Mentari/Matrix/IM3 customers:

  • Get your SIM Card Mentari/ Matrix m-BCA Ready at GALERI Indosat.

kartuHALO/simPATI customers:

  • Get your SIM Card KartuHALO or simPATI m-BCA Ready at GraPARI.

Transaction Procedure

Enjoy the freedom and innovation offered by m-BCA. The following is an easy guide to help improve your m-BCA experience.

Learn more about m-BCA services
Get complete information on m-BCA features

Conducting transactions using m-BCA?
Get the complete guide to help you perform m-BCA transactions for various banking needs, including transfer, mutation, payment, and more.

m-Transfer, m-Payment, and m-Commerce company code list
Get the full list of company code for quick and easy transaction.

m-BCA terms and conditions
Find the information you need regarding m-BCA services.

SIM Card mobile banking ready
Find the information you need regarding m-BCA services.

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