Posted On : 23-08-2019

Financial Innovation Ideas at Finhacks 2019, Win a Total Prize of Half A Billion Rupiah!

Adu Gagasan Inovasi Finansial di Finhacks 2019, Rebut Hadiah Total Setengah Milyar!

BANK CENTRAL ASIA,Tbk (BCA) once held a series of information technology (IT) events at Finhacks. The event is a concrete manifestation of BCA’s attention on the development of digital economy in Indonesia, especially in the financial services industry in line with the rapid development of technology.

Finhacks is not only about innovation, but also about the IT community getting together and collaborating. You can also find likeminded people for ideas and skill exchange, build partnership and expand your network or connections in the IT and financial fields.

This year, Finhacks is bearing the theme #blockchainnovation, which will bring innovation in creating innovative solutions in the financial sector based on the blockchain technology.

Blockchain is the future disruptive technology and one of the most affected sectors is financial industry. Not only does blockchain add value from the technical side such as security, transparency, and decentralization but also adds value from the business process and interaction side. The Finhacks 2019 #blockchainnovation focuses on encouraging and developing the use of blockchain technology in financial technology in Indonesia.

BCA invites all IT developers, blockchain enthusiasts, startups, students and professionals in Indonesia and Southeast Asia to participate in Finhacks 2019 #blockchainnovation to share their ideas and innovations on a blockchain basis and to get an opportunity to win prizes totaling 520 million. Submit your idea now! For further information, please visit

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