Posted On : 26-08-2019

BCA x Campus Invasion and #JoinGenerasiSimpel Competition

Open a Savings via BCA mobile, Get a 50k MAP Voucher

Join the Competition and Win Mirrorless Camera, Samsung Galaxy S10, etc.

BCA x Campus Invasion dan #JoinGenerasiSimpel Competition

Updated: 3 September 2019

Campus is a place where creativity thrives! Don’t be puzzled if BCA and Kompas are looking for creative works on campuses.

A series of events, highlighting the theme “How to be cool in social media”, were held at Universitas Multimedia Nasional, Universitas Pertamina and President University, ranging from workshop, games and photography competition: photos, vlog and blog.

Note the Campus Invasions Agenda!

  • Universitas Multimedia Nasional
    • Period: 27-29 August 2019.
    • Workshop: Thursday, 29 August 2019.
    • Speaker: Diana Rikasari, a fashion blogger & Rendy Alimudin, AVP Digital Marketing Marcomm-BCA.
    • Contact person: Yere +62 896-0673-3527
  • Universitas Pertamina
    • Period3-5 September 2019.
    • Workshop: Thursday, 5 September 2019.
    • Speaker: Vinna Gracia, a beauty vlogger & Duardi Prihandiko, VP Digital Marketing Marcomm-BCA.
    • Contact person: Putri +62 821-5546-1391
  • President University
    • Period: 11-13 September 2019.
    • Workshop: Friday, 13 September 2019.
    • Speaker: Aris Suhendra, a travel blogger & Duardi Prihandiko, VP Digital Marketing Marcomm-BCA.
    • Contact person: Stefi +62 822-9883-6364


For three consecutive days, prior to the D-Day, there will BCA booths on each campus, where students can explore product experience such as opening savings accounts online via BCA mobile. It is very easy. 

For those who open an account, they will get a 50,000 MAP voucher each (fort the first 85 people), KFC vouchers worth Rp40,000 (the 86th etc) and a chance to win MAP voucher worth Rp1,000,000 (for 2 people, drawn during the Talk Show). 

As the highlight on the D-Day, a workshop will be conducted featuring famous bloggers and vloggers who will share their stories on how to start a career as an influencer. What are tips and tricks? How to be cool in social media? 

Microsite Competition for a bigger prize

After the workshop, the students will be challenged in a blog, photography and vlog competition under the theme of #JoinGenerasiSimpel (loosely translates to #JointheSimpleGeneration)

Share your experience using innovative features on BCA mobile and Sakuku as a part of the simple generation. Open a savings on BCA mobile, Cardless, BCA Keyboard, Sakuku Game Voucher or transaction security.

Don’t miss out the competition and win the grand prize: Mirrorless camera, Samsung Galaxy S10, and many more. For further information on prizes, competition period, terms and conditions, etc., please refer to the link of the competition microsite – mark the date on 29 August!

Attend the workshop, try the products, participate in the competition and win the prize!

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